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Everything you need to know about generating high quality leads by speaking at events

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Do you find it frustrating to spend more time prospecting than you do selling?

What would it be like to have prospects seeking you rather than you chasing them?


You can sit passively in a trade booth hoping for people to come to you. You can work hard hustling for leads. But the successful sellers are the ones down the hall in the conference room. They're not sitting there listening. They're the ones standing up speaking.

Taking Control...

Becoming a conference speaker transforms the way that you sell. They're the ones who

  • Have their entire message heard
  • Have visibility at a trade show no matter where their stand is
  • Get free advertising from conference organisers

Becoming a conference speaker is the single biggest step you can take in becoming a successful salesperson. It is not the easiest step. It's the step that all the wannabes avoid. It takes some hard work, the courage to face your fears, and some practice. But once you master it, your career is transformed.


I vividly remember my first conference speaking experience. It was terrible. I didn't know how to write a good presentation. I didn't know how to use notes so that I'd remember what to say. I was shaking with adrenaline and fear. The result was a disaster. I had to do it twice more that week, and it didn't get better.

The second time round, the event organiser gave me a great introduction. She'd done a good job of remembering what I spoke about previously, and covered most of it in her introduction...

It took that experience to push me into action. I read every single book on public speaking I could find. I joined Toastmasters to learn more and get practice. I sought out every opportunity I could to speak so that I could get better at it. It worked.


I eventually became so good that companies started flying me all round the world to train their staff in how to present. And I realised a truth. Great speakers are made and not born. Public speaking is a skill, just like riding a bike. Just like riding a bike, you need to try it, you need someone to show you how, and it really helps to have someone there to pick you up when you fall off.


It took me a long time to figure things out by myself. While I was getting there, others were getting ahead.

A helping hand...

I wrote this course because it's what I wish I'd had when I was starting out on that journey. It contains all the information you need to kick-start your sales and career success by becoming a conference speaker.

Inside this course you'll find:

  • How to get invited to speak at conferences and trade shows
  • How to write a conference presentation that generates quality LEADS
  • How to prepare yourself to deliver a great performance
  • How to overcome the fears and reluctance.


Take action today:

  • While your fear holds you back, others are getting ahead
  • You could be earning more and not working as hard
  • Prospects will talk to you as an expert advisor, not as a salesperson
  • With practice, it can even be great fun and open up opportunities you never dreamed of!

Your Instructor

Richard D. Grant
Richard D. Grant

Richard D. Grant is the founder of Bullfrey Limited, the presentation and sales training firm that helps consultants, professionals, and executives to find their voice, and find clients.

After spending over a decade working with some of the world’s largest companies and helping executives and talented professionals to grow their skills, Richard truly understands how to help grow professional success.

Before devoting his work full time to Bullfrey, Richard was Partner in a management consultancy working internationally, with his clients including Schlumberger, Halliburton, BG Group (now merged with Royal Dutch Shell), Centrica, Maersk, Woodside Energy and Nexen.

Course Curriculum


  • Welcome

Finding Speaking Opportunities

  • How To Find Relevant Conferences and Events
  • Contacting Conference Organisers
  • What If They Ask You To Pay To Speak?
  • Creating Your Own Speaking Opportunities - Seminars and Workshops

Writing Presentations That Generate Leads

  • Objectives
  • Consider Your Audience
  • How To Get People To Stay To the End of Your Presentation
  • Gain Attention With Your Opening
  • Be Memorable With Your Closing
  • Visuals

How to Deliver a Presentation

  • Your Introduction - Setting the Stage
  • Give Yourself the Best Start
  • Use Your Voice Effectively
  • Control Your Body
  • Connect With Your Audience
  • Manage Your Time
  • How To Use Notes / Prompts

Handle Questions Effectively

  • Stay in Control
  • Preparing

Getting People To Attend

  • Isn't That The Organisers Job?
  • Writing Your Summary
  • Promoting at Your Booth
  • Promoting on Social Media

How to Overcome your Fears and Reluctance

  • You're in Good Company!
  • Practical Tactics for Dealing with Nerves
  • Finding Opportunities to Practice

Recycling: Maximise the Return From Your Work

  • How To Get It Recorded
  • Put It In Print
  • An Excuse To Make Contact


  • Task List and Schedule Template
  • Speaking Calendar Template

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